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drained of blood, the heart is white


No, that is NOT what this is. You’ve taken an amazing medical invention, a total game changer, and made up some stupid, faux-deep sentence fragment for it that is a complete falsehood. You should be embarrassed and ashamed, honestly.

This is a ghost heart. What they’ve done is taken a pig heart and stripped it down to, basically, a cell framework that they can use to BUILD A NEW HEART UPON. You could inject stem cells into this framework so that a newly formed personalized heart can be transplanted into a donor with a significantly reduced chance of rejection. FUCKING AMAZING. It’s not been done with human tissue yet, but the promise this given to people who need hearts - or kidneys or livers or whatever - is beautiful. Science is beautiful.

And it’s IMPERATIVE to mention that a woman, Doris Taylor, at the Texas Heart Institute developed this. And she started with a rat heart and worked up to he bigger, more complex (and more human) pig heart. What a total bad ass.

So look, quit making shit up, learn to do a reverse image search on stuff you find on the internet, and STOP ERASING WOMEN IN SCIENCE.

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Yep. Human zoos were a thing. Not only in America, but in a lot of countries in Europe. Matter of fact, it was Europe that started the terrible exhibits back in the 1800s, then New York started having the “zoos” in the 20th century. Over 28 million white people would go to these “zoos” to see hundreds of black and indigenous people as a “major attraction”. 

People who suffered in these zoos might still be alive today. Do not let this be lost in history.

This is absolutely horrifying, and to make it even worse, this is the first time I’ve even heard of it. The levels of sugarcoating and erasure of racism in our history books is staggering.

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Just so deep!

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As time goes on, you’ll understand. What lasts, lasts; what doesn’t, doesn’t. Time solves most things. And what time can’t solve, you have to solve yourself.

— Haruki Murakami
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does anyone else constantly get the feeling that you’re running out of time?? and for no reason!! i could be lying in bed in the middle of summer vacation and my mind is like “hurry up!!! before it’s too late!!!” and i’m just like “hurry up and do what?? leave me alone wtf!!!”

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True story.
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IX LO im. Klementyny Hoffmanowej w Warszawie, fot. F. Springer
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a young gay bear pole dances in the woods 

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Ruchome piaski
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warsaw tardis - it's shittier on the inside; każdy kraj ma taki tardis na jaki sobie zasłużył :P...
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Irena Jarosińska, 1962. Fotoreportaż opublikowany przy artykule Logika Sławomira Mrożka w tygodniku Polska nr 12. 
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Link. Tweets:

a friend just noted all the ostriches in fantasia are boys and i am floored i never noticed. sissy that walk, ladies

only boy ostriches have black and white feathers, gang. it’s an ostrich drag ballet troupe. god bless america

‘when will there be a gay disney prince’ that prima ballerina ostrich has been holding it down since 1940 apparently

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happy saint patrick’s day

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